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Our ESG commitments

The construction and operation of sustainable infrastructures are important vectors of economic development, particularly through the training of salaried staff from local communities.

As a producer of photovoltaic electricity, Africa REN also naturally contributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions. Thus, the Senergy 2 plant avoids the emission of 27,000 tons of CO2 per year, while Kodéni in Burkina Faso avoids the emission of 40,000 tons of CO2 per year.

Possible environmental impacts are minimized and compensated for with the systematic implementation of an environmental management plan, validated by the authorities, which aims to reduce the project’s impact on its environment and biodiversity.

Beyond the promotion of sustainable and inclusive development, it is fundamental that communities are stakeholders in the projects. The local acceptability and sustainability of projects are essential elements in evaluating our activity over the long term, i.e. 20 to 25 years. Africa REN has set up an ESG Charter to guide and frame its action.

Creation of local jobs

Economic development of localities

Reduction of C02 emissions

Minimised environmental impact

Impact in action

Africa REV

Non-profit association

Africa REN has created Africa REV, a non-profit association, to host the ESG actions subscribed within the framework of its projects.

The association status of Africa REV allows a total transparency on the funds managed and the actions undertaken towards the local populations. Africa REV can also multiply its actions beyond Africa REN’s projects by organising collections of school and teaching materials in French schools to send them to the schoolchildren of Bokhol.

Africa REV can also solicit donations to gradually renovate the living spaces of schoolchildren and their teachers.

To contribute to Africa REV’s education and health actions you can make a donation:

of school supplies

Construction of 2 schools and 6 classrooms electrified by solar energy.

Delivery of school supplies

Delivery of 200 kg of school materials in 2019 and 2020 to the schools of Bokhol.

Health Actions

Construction of a maternity ward, a health center, housing for the midwife, latrines etc.

Exchanges Bokhol-Paris

Exchange of letters between first years classes of french and senegalese schools.